2012-09-10 Ziggy Enable RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM by default master
2012-09-04 Ziggy Implement SmartassV2 with tunables in Kconfig
2012-09-04 Ziggy Move VDD-MIN/MAX to Kconfig
2012-09-04 Ziggy Add sysfs vdd interface
2012-09-04 Ziggy Initial OC/UV
2012-08-31 Ziggy Implement lagfree governor
2012-08-29 Ziggy Implement ck1 patchset
2012-08-29 Ziggy Add more compiler time variables
2012-08-29 Ziggy Compiler optimizations
2012-08-29 Ziggy Initial HTC vigor-ics-crc-3.0.16-d0049f1 source