2012-09-10 Ziggy Enable RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM by default master
2012-09-02 Ziggy Implement SmartassV2 with tunables in Kconfig
2012-09-02 Ziggy Implement sysfs interface for vdd
2012-09-02 Ziggy cpufreq: fix cpu1 staying offline bug when switching
2012-08-19 Ziggy Implement lagfree governor
2012-08-18 Ziggy Initial OC/UV
2012-08-18 Ziggy Implement ck1 patchset
2012-08-18 Ziggy Add more compiler time variables
2012-08-18 Ziggy Fix CROSS_COMPILE and optimizations
2012-08-18 Ziggy Initial Samsung SPH-L710 kernel source