2011-06-08 Ziggy471 Update to Mainline master
2011-04-26 Ziggy471 [BFS] Update to release 401
2011-04-26 Ziggy471 Multiple Ondemand commits merged into one
2011-04-26 Ziggy471 Update to Mainline
2011-04-25 Ziggy471 added HDMwIn v1.2.5, modified to accomodate none MSM ...
2011-04-25 Ziggy471 Lower Wi-Fi voltages
2011-04-25 Ziggy471 cpufreq interactive governor: fix crash on CPU shutdown
2011-04-25 Ziggy471 Patch to
2011-03-29 Ziggy471 Patch to
2011-03-16 Ziggy471 Patch to
2011-03-09 Ziggy471 Update SVS voltage automatically when sysfs interface ...
2011-03-09 Ziggy471 Patch to
2011-03-09 Ziggy471 Code cleanups and stability fixes
2011-03-09 Ziggy471 BCM4329 Updates
2011-03-09 Ziggy471 Revert to INC/EVO defaults...speeds up Bravo
2011-01-20 Ziggy471 Implement VR IO Scheduler
2011-01-20 Ziggy471 Implement HAVS with vdd_levels sysfs interface
2011-01-20 Ziggy471 Update WiMax drivers
2011-01-16 Ziggy471 Add ignore step freqency for smartass
2011-01-15 Ziggy471 Update supersonic panel to EVO-MR3, since FPS patch ...
2011-01-15 Ziggy471 update
2011-01-15 Ziggy471 Cacheflushall
2011-01-15 Ziggy471 More glacier/mainline filesystem updates
2011-01-15 Ziggy471 Revert Bravo camera driver
2011-01-08 Ziggy471 Audio boost
2011-01-08 Ziggy471 Update BFS to version 363
2011-01-08 Ziggy471 AOSP pmem
2011-01-02 Ziggy471 Evo MR3 updates
2010-12-22 Ziggy471 Update cm3602, crucial, and synaptics touchscreen to ...
2010-12-19 Ziggy471 Update BCM4329 Wifi drivers to the glacier version
2010-12-19 Ziggy471 Update the Atmel touchscreen driver to the glacier ...
2010-12-15 Ziggy471 Update Android USB Gadgets to latest from the Legend ...
2010-12-15 Ziggy471 Move all Smartass settings to Kconfig and fix the smart ...
2010-12-15 Ziggy471 Replace MSM_CPU_FREQ_ONDEMAND_MIN/MAX with CPU_FREQ ...
2010-12-14 Ziggy471 Added the following enviroment variables:
2010-12-14 Ziggy471 50K sampling for conservative Gov
2010-12-14 Ziggy471 Implement sqn-'s CPU Vdd levels sysfs interface
2010-12-14 Ziggy471 Added ck2 patchset with BFS357
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Overclocking and expand voltages
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Added Smartass Governor
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Added Interactive Governor
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Added BFQ IO Scheduler
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 gpu+
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Automatic process group scheduling
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Added kernel LZMA support
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Atmel 3/5 point multi-touch
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 EVO FPS Patch
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Updated to
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Move source tree closer to the mainline
2010-12-13 Ziggy471 Initial INC MR3 commit with EVO/BRAVO included and ...